All you need to know about pigs


Pigs are known to produce the most consumed meat of the world. The animal has a snout like nose with small eyes and curly tail. A thick body with short legs and four toes for each foot is found in this animal. They are omnivores consuming both vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. These animals fall in the category of scavengers and primarily feed on dead insects, tree barks, worms, excreta, garbage, rotting carcasses etc. Those staying in the wild are primarily feeding on grasses, leaves, fruits, flowers and roots. On occasions during captivity period, these animals can eat up their own younger ones to satisfy hunger.

Usually, a pig has big head paired with tall snout which is supported by the prenasal bone and disk cartilage along the tip. They use this snout for digging into soil in search of food which is a quite sensitive sense organ. A complete set of 44 teeth is found in the pigs and their canine teeth called tusks grow really fast. Growing continuously, these are perfectly sharpened by rubbing of lower and upper jaw lines. Pigs are quite intelligent and fast learners in terms of tasks and tricks. They have natural expertise in foraging activities while their power of smell is utilized in searching truffles across European nations.

Often the uprooting of plants in forests by pigs shakes the entire ecological balance. They consume small birds and also destroy the homes of ground dwelling birds. Their body is the breeding ground of parasites, bacteria and diseases which are infected to humans. A large number of parasitic worms are found within their digestive tract. Pigs flesh comprising of parasites like brucellosis, cysticercosis and trichinosis cause diseases among the humans. Influenza and swine flu viruses are released in the air from the lungs of pigs.



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