Interesting facts about pigs


Pigs are known for their eating habits and they are also consumed by people in various countries in the world. But there are some facts about pigs that people don’t know, some of them are:

  • Very few people know that pigs are unbelievably intelligent. They are known to be insightful animals that always seem to be curious.
  • Pigs are also known to be social animals and they form nice bonds with various individuals.
  • Though they live in dirty conditions and consume mainly garbage, one fact that most people don’t know is that pigs like to keep their toilet area far away from the place where they live. This is true with the new born piglets too, as they walk to the toilet area far away from their nest.
  • Pigs have a very peaceful nature and they very rarely show aggressiveness. The only situation when one would be faced by aggression is if the mother of piglets is disturbed or a pig is faced with real danger.
  • Even wild pigs have an important role when it comes to biodiversity and managing the ecosystem. They perform the process of rooting and this leads of space for new plants.
  • Like all the other animals pigs also have a nice sense of smell. The round disk around the snout is directly connected to the muscle and this provides them with extra flexibility for rooting.
  • Though this is different from the facts mentioned above but a pig is among the last of the 12 animals that have been included in the Chinese Zodiac calendar.
  • Pigs have also been used for experimentation in various laboratories for some research but the intuitions need to make sure that there is no cruelty on them.

These were some of the interesting facts on pigs that can help you know more about the creature and its activities.


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