Pigs and various aspects related to them


Pig is a peculiar animal which mainly consumes garbage and other organic products. It mainly resides in deep jungles and sometimes near any slum area. Pigs are usually peaceful animals which do not cause any harm if not provoked. Pigs residing in jungles are quite ferocious and dangerous. They attack anyone without any provocation. Many people prefer to tame pigs because of the innocence and cute appearance of the animals. Commercially meat of the pigs popularly known as pork is a favourite food of many people. Such pigs are usually nurtured in great care and fed with hygienic diets. Many firms do export such well nurtured pigs in many European countries. Boar is often used for male pigs and gilt is often used to refer female pigs. Eurasian Wild Boars are said to be the ancestors of the present pigs. Pigs possess sharp intelligence and can easily learn quite faster than a dog.

Pigs always roam in groups and never leave any members alone. Even for sleeping and eating there is a great display of unity. They have a sharp sensitive nostril that can scent smell from a long distance. Pigs usually have total 44 teeth which are sharp enough to tear any grass quite easily. Pigs can withstand cold temperature quite easily. It runs at a decent speed of 7 minute per mile. They usually prefer to smear their skin with mud to keep their body cool. Pigs can swim well and sometimes emerge their bodies in water. They are used as an amusement items. Pig fight is quite common in many villages even today. However, there has been a steady campaign against consumption of pork. Critics argue that its meat contains many harmful bacteria that can severely affect the human brain. Certain religious communities like Muslims do not consume pigs as it is strictly prohibited in Islam.

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