36 Pigs in Blankets in 1 Sandwich!

In something that sounds like an April Fool’s Prank Subway are trialing a six foot (that’s the length of 18 + 1/2 Mars Bars) sandwich that contains 36 Pigs in Blankets!

Already available in the standard 6 inch or footlong versions this extra long sub will only be available in selected stores in Manchester, London and Northern Ireland from Wednesday 9th December.

Suggested serving is in the new crusty tiger bread (very nice I must say) with cheese (64 slices to be exact!), red onion, tomato, mixed peppers and finally topped with Southwest sauce.

So if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those areas and have a few friends (if coronavirus restrictions allow) or family/bubble members that are also a fan of the double pork treat then give it a go!